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Example model

This function calculates the following expression:

for a certain function f(j).

  • Expression - the equation to be summed in string form, i.e. within " ", with the label j representing the variable to be summed over.

  • Jstart - the minimum value of j at which the summation is to begin.

  • Accuracy - the level of accuracy required in the calculation. Typically a very small value, e.g. 0.00000000001

  • Jincrement -optional parameter (default = 1) that allows one to specify that the summation is over non-integer increments of j.

  • NoTimeout - optional parameter with default = FALSE. If set to TRUE the function will continue to calculate for as long as it takes to arrive at the required accuracy. By default the function returns a time-out error if it takes too long to reach a result.



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