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See also: Splicing Distributions window, A continuous variable with a long tail distribution, A discrete variable with a long tail distribution


Constructs a new distribution by joining the left part of a given distribution together with the right part of another distribution, at a point (the so-called splice point) of one's choice.

  • Low_distribution - the low distribution

  • High_distribution - the high distribution

  • Splice_point - the splice point

  • U - optional parameter specifying the cumulative percentile of the distribution. If omitted the function generates random values.

Splicing distributions is typically done to model variables that follow a long-tailed distribution (e.g. a Pareto) for high x, but are better modeled with another distribution for lower x.

VoseFunctions for this custom distribution

VoseSplice generates values from this distribution or calculates a percentile.

VoseSpliceObject constructs a distribution object for this distribution.

VoseSpliceProb returns the probability density or cumulative distribution function for this distribution.

VoseSpliceProb10 returns the log10 of the probability density or cumulative distribution function.



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