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See also: Time series in ModelRisk

VoseTimeDeath(N0, Lambda, T, Log10)




 Array function that models numbers of a population following a pure death process.

  • N0 - The initial number of individuals in a population, an integer > 0;

  • Lambda - the mean rate of death per time increment. Should be >0;

  • T - the time increments over which death occurs. Should be >0;

  • Log10 - optional boolean parameter (TRUE/FALSE) that specifies whether the log base 10 of the calculations is taken (TRUE) or not (FALSE, default).

VoseFunctions for this time series

VoseTimeDeath - generates an array of random values from this time series.

VoseTimeDeathFit - generates an array of random values from this time series fitted to data.

VoseTimeDeathFitP - returns the parameters of this time series fitted to data.



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