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Fast and easy project risk analysis

Why do project risk analysis?

Projects very commonly cost more and take longer than predicted. Even the best plans built in Primavera, MS Project, etc. are inherently optimistic because the uncertainties and risks that occur in every project result in increased cost and delivery time. Project risk analysis corrects for this bias, identifies the key risk drivers, and helps you find effective ways to be more certain about the outcomes.

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How Tamara works

Tamara is a standalone desktop MS Windows-based application that allows users to include uncertainty in their project risk analysis models.

To begin, the user imports a Primavera or Microsoft Project model into Tamara. During import, Tamara performs a health check on the model, providing a set of scores on the schedule's quality and highlighting any specific issues. Uncertainty about the time and cost of completing each task is then added by considering uncertainty in the task scope and the rate of progress in achieving the work. Risk events can also be added that would delay a task, the whole project, part of a project, require extra work to be done, etc. Tamara stores all this information with a copy of the original project schedule in a special file format. No changes are made to the original Primavera or Microsoft Project file, but when the project plan is updated, Tamara can update its own file with a single mouse click and adapt the risk and uncertainty information accordingly.

Clicking the results tab then displays a range of risk analysis graphs and statistics for cost and time. Tamara simulates so fast there is no need for a 'Run simulation' button. The user can then view probability distributions in histogram or cumulative form for the cost, duration, start or finish date of any project component. Tornado charts also show which factors are driving the uncertainty in those measures.

Why choose the Tamara project risk analysis software?


Tamara works seamlessly with your Primavera or MS Project schedule, no matter how large or complex, including nested and inter-connected projects. No need to create a separate schedule for risk analysis. Tamara automatically checks the suitability of your schedule for risk analysis before doing any modelling. Your original schedule has changed? No problem! Tamara will update the risked schedule with a single click.


Tamara now offers a powerful feature that greatly expands its modelling and analytical capabilities – integrated spreadsheets, fully equipped with advanced risk modelling tools. This means almost unlimited freedom to describe the uncertainty around task durations and costs, the frequency and magnitude of risks and any inter-dependencies that can be of importance for a particular analysis. All this can now be modeled in a familiar, user-friendly, and powerful spreadsheet environment, enriched by a full set of risk analysis tools.


Tamara is simple to use. No knowledge of probability distributions or statistics are needed. All inputs are intuitive and make use of your real-world experience. Standard and custom templates allow you to create consistent reports in seconds.


Tamara can handle schedules of any size and is the fastest simulator on the market. It has the most comprehensive range of tools for describing the risks and uncertainties in your project.

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Tamara key features

Tamara features explained

What kind of problems are solved with project risk analysis?

Typical questions that you can get answered with Tamara:

Get a realistic schedule model

Adding uncertainty to a schedule ALWAYS increases the estimated duration and cost.

Set realistic targets

Determine the delivery date and budgets you can be confident of achieving.

Study the effect of risk events

Assess how unplanned events could affect the project goals, and compare different scenarios to become resilient to them.

Cost-effective risk management

Compare different methods for managing the risks of your project so money gets spent effectively and consistently.

Pricing and Quotes

The maximum price for Tamara is a very competitive € 1995 per user per year. However, we also offer generous time and volume discounts which you can calculate for yourself.