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version 6.3.1 cumulative update - including changes for versions 6.2.10 - 6.3.1

  • New "Linked Chart" Tab in the Results Viewer menu - Allows creating Picture-Shape objects in a spreadsheet model that are updated after simulation runs based on Results Viewer graphs.
  • New VoseStatic function added that returns a fixed value for the distribution when the random number generation is disabled.
  • New Conversion added to the ModelRisk Converter: RiskStatic(@RISK) to VoseStatic(ModelRisk).
  • The static non-volatile versions of the 4 distributions added: LognormalAlt3U, LognormalAlt6U, LogLogisticAlt6U, WeibullAlt3U.
  • Fixed the issue: rendering bug in the Multivariate Copula and Bivariate Copula windows that was reproduced when the windows were resized.
  • Fixed the issue: "Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action" message was shown on Excel/ModelRisk startup.
  • Fixed the issue: "SWAP" tool stability in localized versions of MS Office.

version 6.2.10 cumulative update - including changes for versions 6.2.0 - 6.2.10

  • A new ‘SWAP’ tool has been added. The tool creates a copy of a ModelRisk model where all ModelRisk functions have been removed and replaced with fixed values. Functions that generate random samples are replaced with their median value. This allows the user to share a working version of the model with non-ModelRisk users (e.g. for external auditing). Optionally, a note is automatically attached to any edited cells showing the original formula.
  • New parameterisations have been added for a number of probability distributions, primarily for @RISK users who are migrating to ModelRisk. This also extends the ability of ModelRisk to automatically convert @RISK models:
    • Redesigned LognormalAlt3 - allows to set Lognormal distribution using three alternative parameters: Mean value (Mean), random value and cumulative probability of this value ( i.e. the probability that another values of the distribution will be less).
    • WeibullAlt3 - allows to set Weibull distribution using three alternative parameters: Mean value (Mean), random value and cumulative probability of this value (i.e. the probability that another values of the distribution will be less).
    • LognormalAlt6 - allows to set Lognormal distribution using 3 percentiles as 3 sets of parameters where each is a random value and probability that another values of the distribution will be less Percentiles can be set randomly.
    • LogLogisticAlt6 - allows to set LogLogistic distribution using 3 percentiles as 3 sets of parameters where each is a random value and probability that another values of the distribution will be less. Percentiles can be set randomly.
  • Enhancements to the @RISK and Crystal Ball converters: ModelRisk is now able to convert over 98% of the functions used by the other products
    • RiskJointProb2Dim -> VoseSimMean
    • RiskJointProbMultiDim -> VoseSimMean
    • RISKNormalAlt -> VoseNormalAlt
    • RISKNormalAltD -> VoseNormalAlt
    • RISKLognormAlt -> VoseLognormalAlt6
    • RISKLognormAltD -> VoseLognormalAlt6
  • Enhancements to the SIDs functionality:
    • An additional optional parameter VaraibleIndeх has been added to the VoseSID function, which allows you to return values from only one of the variables in the SID file. The VoseSID function can also now be placed in a single cell (previously an array), such as in an Excel Data Table.
    • A new function VoseGetVarName(NameSID, VariableIndex) has been added, which returns the variable name from the specified SID file making it easy to identify the right variable when a SID file contains several variables.
    • A window for additional parameters of the SID function has been added, which appears when the VoseSID function is placed from the SID Library into worksheet and allows you to configure value sampling mode (sequential iteration, random sampling, or returning a value from a fixed row) as well as the number of used variables (one or all).
  • New Conditional Value at Risk functions have been added: VoseCVARp and VoseCVARx return the CVAR from an array of simulated data located within the spreadsheet.
  • Fixed: Tornado charts in the Results Viewer in ‘Conditional Cumulative Percentile’ mode did not react to a manual change of the percentile value.
  • Fixed: Behaviour when exiting Excel has changed. By default, ModelRisk now closes completely when the user exits Excel. The user can return to the previous mode in the Options interface.

version 6.1.99 (including changes from 6.1.95 to 6.1.99)

  • Results Viewer changes:
    • New "Create SID" button on the "General" tab - allows you to upload all simulation results or the active chart data only to SIDs Library
    • New "Export to XML" button on the "General" tab - allows you to upload all simulation results or the active chart data only to XML-file
    • New "Export to XML" button on the "List options" tab - allows you to upload data list to XML-file
  • SIDs Library changes:
    • The toolbar has been re-designed
    • New "Create SID from Simulation results". Allows you to import into the SIDs Library the active model simulation results or saved results from .vmrs-files
  • Data Viewer changes:
    • Correlation values ​​have been added to the "View data" tab that allows you to compare quickly rows (columns) of data selected for viewing
    • The design of the correlation matrix, used on the "Multivariate Data Analysis" tabs (available when viewing multivariate data in the "data" mode) and "Multivariate time series" (available when viewing multivariate data in the "Time series" mode), has been changed
    • Several changes in the other "Data Analysis" windows aimed at improving the visibility of data presentation
  • Advanced Options changed: The "Optimization options" window has been re-designed

version 6.1.94 (including changes of 6.1.93 and 6.1.92)

  • The simulation performance of large models is optimized.
  • A new high-performance algorithm of the models’ analysis which is used in the initial stage of simulation is implemented.
  • The performance of the statistical functions listed is improved (in some cases the improvement can be significant):VoseSimPercentile, VoseSimProbability, VoseSimCorrelation, VoseSimCorrelationMatrix, VoseSimCofV, VoseSimCVARp, VoseSimCVARx, VoseSimSensitivityMean, VoseSimSensitivityPercentile, VosePrecisionProbability, VosePrecisionPercentile, VoseSixSigmaDefectPPM, VoseSixSigmaProbDefectShift, VoseSixSigmaProbDefectShiftLower, VoseSixSigmaProbDefectShiftUpper, VoseSixSigmaDefectShiftPPMLower, VoseSixSigmaDefectShiftPPMUpper, VoseSixSigmaSigmaLevel, VoseSixSigmaYield, VoseSixSigmaDefectShiftPPM
  • VoseSID function is improved: the performance of the function is improved, compatibility bugs with the new algorithm are fixed (6.1.91, 6.1.92, 6.1.93), the incorrect performance of the function in the Fixed seed и Go to sample modes is fixed.
  • VoseCopulaMultiNormal and VoseCopulaMultiT performance is fixed.
  • The Results Viewer bug is fixed. In particular, when selecting the list of results from the first to last line manually and copying, the last line of the list was not copied to the clipboard.

version 6.1.91

  • The following changes in Results Viewer are implemented: new interface design of the main controls, new Statistics Pane supporting percentiles sorting, save behavior: readonly flag after vmrs-file saving is removed
  • New interface design of the Select Distribution window including new distributions grid and new statistics table is implemented.
  • New statistics table is implemented in all windows where supported.
  • Expert window bug is fixed: Weibull mathematics used for the known x1/p1, x2/p2 was incorrect for "beta".
  • Expert window bug is fixed: Exporting of Distribution-Object failed.

version 6.1.90

  • Results Viewer Data List tooltip text overflow is fixed.
  • Slider bug is fixed for some windows (error occurred when moving chart sliders in non-English systems).
  • Expert window drawing positioning bug is fixed (error occurred while the window was in full screen mode).
  • Expert window localization bug is fixed. (error occurred in non-English localized versions of MS Office - recalculate button was unresponsive).
  • Aggregate Panjer window bug is fixed (selection of any distribution in Fit menu could possibly cause application crash).
  • Aggregate DePril window slider bug is fixed (error occured when the marker values of Statistics grid "Lower P" or "Upper P" were entered manually).
  • Results Viewer bug is fixed (the initial position of the slider in CumulA and CumulD charts could be incorrect when the minimum value of simulation results repeated in more than 5% of the total number of values).

version 6.1.89

  • Optimized VoseCopulaMultiNormal and VoseCopulaMultiT performance. To manage the optimization settings use the Advanced Options item of the ModelRisk taskbar icon in the context menu and press the Optimization Options button.
  • Fixed Copula Insertion into the linked Distributions combined with VoseInput or VoseOutput (Copula Bivariate & Multivariate windows).
  • Prevented the hidden DSNFiles sheet creation when there are no associated DSN-files.
  • Fixed Results Viewer: Fixed the incorrect reading of the Type option on the Variables tab of the Histogram chart settings. (The Type option read as undefined value was saved as Line instead of Bar).
  • Fixed Results Viewer: Fixed the incorrect slider’s value formatting on Non-English Locales.
  • Fixed the problem of pasting formulas in the uppercase that was reproduced in some localized (e.g. Turkish) versions of Office.
  • Fixed the User Interface Template loading error: the NUMLOCK button automatically turned off when starting ModelRisk and switching the Ribbon template.

version 6.1.88

  • Changes in the Advanced Options window available from context menu of the ModelRisk task-bar Icon (in the desktop bottom left corner): added a new Optimization settings button that allows to manage Simulation Statistics Optimization and Distributions Optimization at Simulation time.
  • Optimized the Simulation statistics worksheet functions: VoseSimPercentile, VoseSimProbability, VoseSimCVARp, VoseSimCVARx,VoseSimCorrelation, VoseSimCorrelationMatrix, VoseSimMean, VoseSimVariance, VoseSimStdev, VoseSimCofV, VoseSimSkewness, VoseSimKurtosis, VoseSimMin, VoseSimMax, VoseSimSemiVariance, VoseSimSemiStdev, VoseSimMSE, VoseSimValue, VoseSimTable.
  • Fixed the VoseSimPercentile bug: a problem occured when the book name included a space.
  • Fixed Results Viewer: Removed the tooltip flickering when moving the mouse cursor over the list of variables.
  • Fixed Cholesky algorithm: The problem in calculations, in the case when the input matrix consisted of zeros and ones.
  • Fixed the problem of pasting formulas in uppercase that was reproduced in some localized (e.g. Turkish) versions of Office.
  • Fixed Goto Sample Simulation Mode.
  • Fixed the Advanced Options window: While the initial loading of the window, the Server busy system message sometimes appeared.

version 6.1.87

  • Fixed the Distribution Object functions behaviour when simulating in the mode with the active optimization

version 6.1.86

  • Fixed VoseProb, VoseDataObject functioning and the interface for its creation

version 6.1.85

  • The Select Interface Templates demo window
  • Improved the simulation algorithm in the Fixed Seed mode
  • Improved the RV design

version 6.1.82

  • Support for the automatic connection of the workstations to the network license
  • Fixed a bug reproduced in the Stop On Output Error mode when simulating the workbooks without Vose functions

version 6.1.74

  • Fixed an activation bug in 2-year and 3-year licenses

version 6.1.73

  • Fixed a problem with AutoRun on User Logon which did not work while switching off and on again
  • Fixed a problem which caused ‘ModelRiskSettings.ini not found’ message
  • Implemented a new distribution VoseThreePercentiles
  • Improved parallelization algorithms for some complex features which use cache
  • Updated Interfaces for the non-English languages
  • Added French language
  • Added overall License Manager Manual for our products