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Academic Program

Installing Tamara at an academic institute

Vose Software offers substantial discounts to academic institutes and students, as follows:

Type of customer Type of license Tamara One Year contract Tamara 2nd year with two-year contract Tamara 3rd year with three-year contract
Academic Individual 495 € 395 € 350 €
Network (1) 1195 € 955 € 840 €
Student Individual 120 € n/a n/a
Campus ClassRoom (2) 2650 € 2100 € 1850 €

(1) Network concurrent licensing allows sharing a limited number of Tamara licenses among a larger number of users. The minimum order is five simultaneous connections and it is more cost-effective if 15 or more users work with Tamara.

(2) Tamara Classroom packages are intended for professors who wish to use the Tamara software in a single classroom environment. Tamara Classroom packages allow universities to install the software on up to 60 computers, making it an ideal introductory package for professors and schools seeking to use Tamara on a limited scale.

Licenses are offered subject to the institute’s adherence to Vose Software’s academic terms and conditions. To organize this installation, a member of the institute’s IT department should complete and submit the following form: