Tamara Academic Program
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Academic Terms

Vose Software may, at its sole discretion, offer an academic institute (the Institute) free use of ModelRisk and Tamara via its academic site license (Academic License). The following conditions apply:

An Academic License is issued by Vose Software to recognized academic institutes only. Vose Software offers Academic Licenses for free to support the academic community and to increase awareness of ModelRisk and Tamara amongst students who may become users later in their professional careers.

An Academic License is installed on the Institute’s network. Individuals can only access ModelRisk and Tamara via the Institute’s network.

Licenses cannot be installed on individual computers through the Academic License program.

Academic Licenses of ModelRisk or Tamara may not be used for commercial purposes (meaning doing paid work using ModelRisk or Tamara) by either student or professor. The Institute’s IT department commits to ensuring that all users are aware of, and agree to, this restriction. Professors and students may, of course, separately purchase commercial licenses to perform commercial work.

All technical support issues must be addressed to Vose Software via the Institute’s IT department.

An indispensable part of the provision of the License is that the Institute’s IT department commits to making relevant academic staff aware of the availability and usefulness of ModelRisk and Tamara by sending periodic (at least bi-annual) emails to course teachers and department heads with an explanation of what both software tools can do. At a minimum, the following departments/faculties, where they exist, must be included: engineering, science, finance, business administration and economics. Installation, administration and technical support for ModelRisk and Tamara can require significant effort from Vose Software, as well as some effort from the Institute’s IT department, so it makes sense the Institute gets the greatest benefit from that effort.

The Institute commits to ensure that the Academic License is not accessible by people outside the Institute, including students and professors who have left the Institute.

The Institute commits to acknowledging the contribution of ModelRisk or Tamara where it is used to produce published research, and to ensuring that researchers are aware of that commitment.

The Institute’s IT department commits to informing Vose Software promptly of any failure to adhere to these conditions.