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Release notes
What's New

version 4.1.* cumulative update - including changes for versions 3.0.7 - 4.0.9

New Features:

  • Customizable acceptance criteria in the Import Audit report: it became possible to adjust target values for each project file QA requirement according to the needs.
  • Filtering in the project main view: it became possible to filter tasks by each column. Additionally, it became possible to use the top row to assign the risks\categories\uncertainties etc. for the filtered tasks only.
  • Task specific risks can now be categorized: the users can create their own list of categories and assign them to risks. This helps to simplify navigation and filtering. Categories can also be used in presenting simulation results with the Tornado chart.
  • New Task specific risks selector for the project main view: the new version implements a much more extended view with detailed information about risks (category, name, impacts).
  • New ‘Categorized’ Tornado chart mode in the simulation results: the presentation of task specific risks on a Tornado chart can be aggregated over risk categories.
  • Zoom feature for the simulation results charts: it became possible to enlarge the range of interest on the chart or zoom out to see the full picture.
  • Ability to enable/disable automatic checks for software updates.
  • Improved visualization of simulation data - added animated transitions for output graphs.

Spreadsheet functionality:

  • Data table updating performance and reliability significantly improved.
  • Simulation stability improved.
  • Fixed the problem with showing the progress bar during simulation
  • Fixed the problem with the unstable spreadsheet simulation caused by changing the number of samples.
  • Fixed the problem with displaying the same simulation results for different risk scenarios assigned in the spreadsheet.
  • Minor fixes and improvements
Main application:
  • Behavior change: Task Specific risks with zero frequency\impact are set to be excluded from the simulation.
  • Behavior change: Two types of constraints added (START_ON, FINISH_ON) to the Schedule Audit interface during project import.
  • Behavior change: a classic Tornado chart (without alignment at zero) is set to show the minimum and the maximum dates (start/finish mode) or values (duration/cost mode).
  • Behavior change: the Primavera P6 file version restriction during project import has been removed – it became possible to import all the required fields from the projects saved in old formats. If the import fails, a warning message will be shown, and the import process will continue with the loading restricted to just the WBS structure.
  • Fixed the problem with incorrect risks/uncertainties/categories assignment to the filtered set of tasks.
  • Fixed the problem with copying simulation statistics in date format.
  • Fixed the problem with the Scatter result chart appearance (labels overlapping, excessive date labels).
  • UI improvements for high DPI mode.
  • Fixed the problem with parameter validation in the task specific window (frequency editor was giving false positive validation error messages when switching from single event risks to multiple event risks).
  • Fixed the problem with unexpected 100x increase in custom uncertainty distribution parameters on localized versions of application.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
Report Designer:
  • Fixed the problem with the schedule line and user markers not being shown on the charts showing durations.
  • Fixed the problem with the error being shown when trying to load a newly created report template.

version 3.0.6

  • DevExpress library upgraded to 22.1.4
  • New critical path simulation report output (critical/longest)
  • New file import audit report
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

version 3.0.5

  • New option to integrate Tamara with Pelican software (ability to use SID files in task specific risks simulation)
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

version 3.0.3

  • Improved reliability for the XER files created with the old versions of Primavera
  • Documentation updated
  • Completely new Gantt chart view of the project structure
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

version 3

  • DevExpress library upgraded to 21.2.6
  • Documentation updated
  • Spreadsheet feature - integrated table which gives more Excel-like way to describe the uncertainty around task durations and costs
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes