ModelRisk | Quick Start Videos

ModelRisk Quick Start Videos

The videos in this page explain how to use ModelRisk, the World’s most powerful risk analysis add-in for Excel.

New to Monte Carlo simulation?

ModelRisk uses Monte Carlo simulation to calculate the risk and uncertainty you face. This page will give you the background information on Monte Carlo simulation.

Quick tutorials to get started with ModelRisk

Together, these short videos cover the most important features of ModelRisk needed to build your own models.

Switching from @RISK?

These videos describe the ModelRisk features that make it extremely quick and easy to switch from @RISK to ModelRisk

Want to see some worked examples?

These videos run through example models which you can download and follow along with. You can find many more example models here.

Features demos for more advanced users

ModelRisk has a wide range of tools that simplify addressing common but technically-challenging risk analysis problems. Here are videos explaining a few of them

General videos on risk analysis