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See also: VoseOutput, Output/Input window.

VoseInput(Name, Units, RangeName, PositionInRange)



Example model

This function marks a cell as a model input for the purposes of collecting and analyzing the values the cell generates during a simulation.

Name – is an optional parameter specifying a name to identify the variable during analysis of the simulation results. If omitted the cell is identified by its cell address. It is a text entry (either text enclosed within “..”, or the address of a cell containing text)

Units – is an optional text entry specifying the units of the variable (e.g “kg”, “miles”, “people”). It is used in reporting the graphs and statistics of simulation results.

RangeName – is a text entry used when several cells are collected together to produce a forecast over time. All cells with the same input RangeName  are collated within the Results Viewer and displayed as a series as well as individual variables.

PositionInRange – is an index variable (1,2,3,…) defining the order of the input amongst the other input variables with which it shares the same RangeName.



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