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See also: VoseNBoot, The non-parametric Bootstrap




Example model

This function takes a random sub-series (a segment) of consecutive values of a data array. The length of the sub-series is determined by the output array size.

You can also use this function on paired data, i.e. on a higher-dimensional data array. When sampling from a higher-dimensional data array, the function's output range should have the same number of columns (or rows if datainrow is set to TRUE) as the {datarange} array.

  • Datarange -the array of data to take a random segment from.

  • datainrow - a boolean parameter (TRUE/FALSE) to determine if the data range to sample from is oriented in rows (TRUE) or in columns (FALSE, default).

  • U - optional parameter on [0,1] to drive the selection of the sub-series. If omitted a random sub-series.

If you want to take a number of random samples of paired values of a data array but the order of the samples does not matter, use the VoseNBootPaired function.

See VoseNBoot for an explanation of all the VoseNBoot~ functions.



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