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See also: The parametric Bootstrap




Example model

Returns a randomly generated value from a distribution.

In many situations it is convenient to construct a distribution object in a separate spreadsheet cell, and use VoseSimulate referring to that cell. For example if you want to use both sampled values and the statistical moments from a given distribution, or if the distribution is constructed by fitting to data.

Example: parametric bootstrapping

Suppose we want to model the uncertainty about the population mean using parametric bootstrapping. Suppose we have reason to believe the data (stored in an array named Data) comes from a LogNormal distribution.

  1. Construct the fitted distribution by writing =VoseLogNormalFitObject(Data) in a spreadsheet cell. Name this cell FittedDistribution.

  2. Write =VoseSimulate(FittedDistribution) in a number of cells, generating a random sample from the fitted LogNormal distribution.

  3. Calculate the desired statistic of this sample (E.g. using the AVERAGE function from Excel). This gives us the uncertainty distribution of the population statistic.



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