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ModelRisk and Tamara

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The following table allows you to specify the number and type of ModelRisk and/or Tamara licenses you are looking to purchase, and their duration. It will immediately calculate the total cost and show the volume discount that is applied.

Please note the following important points:

  • We offer two types of installation:
    1. Desktop licenses: the software is installed on an individual’s computer
      Network licenses: the software is installed on the company’s network. The number of seats determines the number of individuals who can simultaneously access the software. You will usually need one seat for 3-4 average users. Network licenses are preferred by IT departments because they are easier to administer.
  • If your organisation is likely to have some users who use the software very often, others rarely, it is most cost-effective to purchase a mixture of license types (desktop for the frequent user, network for the occasional user)
  • If you are considering a network license, it is better to start with a smaller number of seats and add more when you find people are waiting too often. We can very quickly increase the seat number and align billing, so you still have the one annual invoice.
  • If you are an academic user (professor, researcher, student, department), you are in the wrong place. Go here to see the discounts we offer for ModelRisk and Tamara
  • Apple Mac users - ModelRisk and Tamara do not run on Mac OS, but can be run on a Mac using Boot Camp
  • New! If you reside in a developing country with an HDI index below 0.7, we will reduce the listed price very considerably - be sure to contact our sales team.

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Step 2: Enter the number of licenses and their duration.

The table will automatically calculate the volume discount. Price exclusive of VAT or additional taxes.

License Base annual fee Number of users License duration (years) Base price Discounted price
Desktop £ 1283 £ £
Network £ 3938 £ £
Desktop £ 1766 £ £
Network £ 5266 £ £
ModelRisk + Tamara Bundle
Desktop £ 1190 £ £
Network £ 2385 £ £
Total before discount ( £ )
Volume discount applied ( £ )
Amount to pay ( £ )

Step 3: Generate a quote or purchase online

If you would like to get an official quote in pdf format, click the button below. You will be prompted for additional details. The quote will be valid for 30 days and excludes any sales tax if applicable.

If you would like to purchase online with either MasterCard, VISA or PayPal through our secure web shop, click the following button. You will be asked for a VAT number if your organisation is resident in the EU. Maximum online purchase is €10,000