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Basic v Complete Versions of ModelRisk

How the ModelRisk Trial version behaves

When you download a trial version of ModelRisk, and provide the activation code, it will operate in the same way as a fully licensed version of ModelRisk with two differences:

  • Graphical interfaces and reports will contain a watermark
  • There will be a small time delay after clicking the Start Simulation button before a simulation starts

This behaviour will continue for the duration of the trial (15 days). A counter in the ModelRisk ribbon displays the number of days left until the trial period expires.

The graph created in the basic version of ModelRisk

Example ModelRisk trial version graph with watermark

What happens when the trial expires

Once the trial period has expired, ModelRisk will revert to the Basic version. The Basic version has the same limitations as the trial, but also offers a reduces set of features, as listed in the following table. However, it can be used for free and has no expiry. The list of available features is quite sufficient for anyone wishing to start to learn the basics of Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis.

Upgrading from Basic to Complete versions of ModelRisk

The installed Basic version of ModelRisk can be upgraded by purchasing a license key. Upgrading does not require reinstallation of the software.

Table comparing features available in the Basic and Complete versions of ModelRisk

Features Basic Complete
Simulation Unrestricted speed and model size
Monte Carlo simulation
Multiple simulation runs for scenarios
Run macros before, during or after simulation
VBA and C++ calls to ModeLRisk functions
Control of precision of results
Reporting Full graphical simulation reports
Full statistical reports
View simulation results statistics in spreadsheet
Export results to PowerPoint, Word, PDF or Excel
Share results using Results Viewer
Sensitivity and scenario analysis
Statistical reporting functions in spreadsheet Mean only
Compatibility Tamara (project risk)
Results Viewer (results sharing)
Import Pelican Risk Register data
Upload model to Pelican IRM
Features by numbers Number of distributions 8 136
Number of correlation models (copulas) 1 14
Number of time series 1 34
Total number of functions 36 1203
Fitting Fitting distributions to data 6 95
Fitting correlation structures to data 1 11
Fitting time series to data 1 25
Statistical fit results in spreadsheet
Distribution splicing
Bayesian averaging for fitted models
Ease-of-use features One-click function view
©RISK and Crystal Ball converters
Full help file and example models
Informative error messages
Function descriptions in spreadsheet
Parameter descriptions in spreadsheet
Technical tools Assumption and result sharing between models (SIDs)
Expert elicitation tools
Data Viewer
Combining expert estimates
Extreme Value tools
Database connectivity
Bounded, shifted distributions
Probability calculations
ModelRisk objects
Markov chain tools
Bootstrap tools
Stop Sum and Sum Product tools
Risk Event tool
Six Sigma support
Ordinary differential equation simulation
Numerical integration and Interpolation
Industry tools Financial tools
Insurance tools
PK/PD pharma tool