ModelRisk: Monte Carlo simulation within Excel | Vose Software


Release notes

What's New

version 6.1.86

  • Fixed VoseProb, VoseDataObject functioning and the interface for its creation

version 6.1.85

  • The Select Interface Templates demo window
  • Improved the simulation algorithm in the Fixed Seed mode
  • Improved the RV design

version 6.1.82

  • Support for the automatic connection of the workstations to the network license
  • Fixed a bug reproduced in the Stop On Output Error mode when simulating the workbooks without Vose functions

version 6.1.74

  • Fixed an activation bug in 2-year and 3-year licenses

version 6.1.73

  • Fixed a problem with AutoRun on User Logon which did not work while switching off and on again
  • Fixed a problem which caused ‘ModelRiskSettings.ini not found’ message
  • Implemented a new distribution VoseThreePercentiles
  • Improved parallelization algorithms for some complex features which use cache
  • Updated Interfaces for the non-English languages
  • Added French language
  • Added overall License Manager Manual for our products
Tags: Monte Carlo simulation, Monte Carlo method, Monte Carlo analyses, Simulation software Excel,decision making software