Technical Support

Ensuring trouble-free
use of our software


Technical support

We will provide technical support for the following:

  • People installing a trial version of one of our products;
  • People who have a current subscription license for one of our products;
  • People who have a perpetual license with an up-to-date maintenance plan;
  • Owners of student licenses do not have access to technical support, except through their institute’s IT department

What is included in technical support?

The following services are included:

  • Help with installation;
  • Help with license activation;
  • Help with license transfer from one computer to another;
  • Help with solving unexpected behavior of the software and suspected bugs

What is not included in technical support?

We like to help, but some things we just can’t offer as part of technical support:

  • Help with using the software (please refer to the help file and example models);
  • Advice on model building;
  • Checking and auditing models

However, we do offer training and consulting services.

How to get technical support

Before seeking technical support, please review the Frequently Asked Questions – it may save us all a lot of time!

Email a description of your problem to Please provide as much detail as possible, screen captures if applicable, and include a screen capture of the about page on your software like this (which will also show you the state of your maintenance if you have a perpetual license).

Tech support applies to the following software tools



ModelRisk Cloud




For Microsoft Excel

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For Primavera & Microsoft Project

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