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What makes Pelican special?

The advantage of the Pelican quantitative ERM system

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For the executive

  • Review latest estimates of the chance of failure of your corporate strategies. Then drill down to understand which risks threaten those strategies, and how well they are being managed
  • Get a clear quantitative estimates of each business’ financial exposure to risks. Find out which risks are driving the exposure and how they are being managed
  • Review how well the business is managing its operational risks with customized performance indicators that reflect your focus
  • Review which partners you rely on most (suppliers, contractors, etc) to manage risks you are exposed to. Drill down to see how well those risks are being managed
  • Compare risks from different investment opportunities, see latest uncertain forecasts for sales, cashflow, etc
  • Get an instant overview of all projects and their chances of being delayed
  • Access the user-friendly and customizable risk reporting and monitoring platform directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Compare aggregate risk profiles and metrics across different entities, projects and regions

For senior management

  • Identify the weak points in the overall risk treatment plan
  • Review visual maps for the risk management plans around each risk, with automated quantitative risk evaluation and mapping to the risk appetite
  • Monitor how well the risk management plans are being carried out
  • Understand the global importance of the risks you manage
  • Determine the most cost-effective strategy for managing your portfolio of risks
  • Assign specific risk treatment tasks and responsibilities to individuals
  • Get alerts direct to your phone or email for any significant changes to risks you are tracking
  • Receive notifications for risk register changes you need to authorise

For the risk manager

  • Progress beyond the restrictive and vague world of qualitative and semi-quantitative risk analysis with ease
  • Provide reports that capture senior executives’ attention
  • Rally the risk management activities of the business to achieve its strategic goals
  • Provide a consistent and transparent methodology across the business that is easy to audit
  • Ensure compliance with better structure, consistency, communication and monitoring
  • Empower any employee to raise potential new risk issues
  • Produce customized up-to-the-minute risk management reports in a matter of seconds
  • Ensure that methodical, consistent methods are used for describing and evaluating risks yet provide flexibility for using different techniques appropriate to each discipline
  • Comply with all modern risk management guidelines

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For the internal auditor

  • Pelican provides a complete log of all activities, data changes and messaging
  • Pelican automatically promotes risk issues up the corporate hierarchy
  • The Pelican risk framework ensures consistency in risk evaluation whilst offering flexibility for the scales of different entities
  • KPIs, KRIs are fully customizable and track performance over time
  • Risks can be retired but cannot be deleted
  • Process, guideline, reporting documents can be attached to any activity
  • Spreadsheet models, Word documents, PDF files, html links, etc can be attached to any entry to provide explanations, background information and supporting analysis or evidence
  • Pelican is designed to comply with all current regulatory standards including ISO 31000, COSO ERM framework, BS 31100, OCEG Red Book, and FERMA

For the risk analyst

  • Use the most powerful risk modelling tools available that can be applied to key corporate spreadsheet models and project schedules, taking information from Pelican’s risk register and feeding back results into Pelican, eliminating the need to track whether risk analysis results are using the most up-to-date information
  • Upload risk analysis models to Pelican for use by senior management without needing the risk analysis software
  • Upload template risk models to ensure risks are evaluated consistently
  • Build bowtie analysis of any level of complexity, inter-connecting risks, and assigning quantitative information
  • Build and share a library of key risk-based information, like uncertain sales forecasts or exchange rates, estimated risk impacts and times, that can be linked across models
  • No longer worry about how to aggregate and merge risk models. Pelican automatically controls Monte Carlo simulations to have directly comparable samples

For the IT manager

  • Integrate your cyber-security risk into the overall enterprise risk management, providing visibility to executives and release of scarce funds
  • Compress and simplify your cyber-security risk assessments by using the bowtie risk methodology. Typically, 20 separate risks compress to one bowtie diagram
  • Build a set of risk assessment templates for each IT asset type
  • View lists of risks or aggregate risk exposure by inventory type, location or any other breakdown
  • Develop a cyber risk analysis method built on the FAIR methodology
  • Pelican is either single-tenant hosted on Azure or on your internal servers for maximum data security
  • Pelican runs on any modern browser without an extension. It is built on DevExpress, uses SQL Server and runs on separate data and application servers for most reliable performance
  • Data are end-to-end encrypted with SSO, API connection to other tools, etc.
  • Full control over users, access rights, KPI design, customization

For the project manager

  • Incorporate risk and uncertainty into your project Primavera or MS Project schedules
  • Identify the critical risks driving your project cost and time performance
  • Incorporate the latest risk estimates directly from Pelican automatically
  • Upload the latest delivery estimates directly to the Pelican project dashboard
  • Provide more realistic turnout costs and delivery dates
  • Provide uncertain cost and milestone date information that can be directly linked to business development risk models
  • Ensure that the importance of delays to achieving corporate strategies is relayed directly to senior executives

For the employee

  • Understand the risk management tasks you are allocated
  • Automatically request reassignment for tasks that are unsuitable for you
  • See why these tasks are important and how they fit into the bigger picture
  • Suggest alternatives you believe would be more effective
  • Get alerts for your upcoming tasks from the Pelican smartphone app
  • See lists of completed activities
  • Report task completion direct from your phone
  • Report potential risk issues with GPS and photos using the Pelican smartphone app. See the response from your management