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Risk Management overview

  • A live, user-friendly and customizable risk reporting and monitoring platform, accessible by PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Reports tracking the top risks, their evolution and the execution of critical risk management tasks
  • Customizable key performance indicators for each entity
  • Customizable key risk indicators to track emerging trends in risk exposure
  • Comparison of risk profiles and metrics across different entities, projects and regions • Rich and customizable ability to describe, integrate and compare any types of possible risk consequences – from financial loss to H&S, from availability to project delay
  • A hierarchal structure for the enterprise, down to any required level

Detailed risk strategy information

  • Assignment of specific risk treatment tasks and responsibilities to individuals
  • Tools for identifying the weak points in the overall risk treatment
  • Methods for visually mapping out the strategy around each risk, with automated quantitative risk evaluation and mapping to the risk appetite
  • A harmonized risk appetite tool that can be tailored to each business entity or project
  • Automated analysis to show your business’ dependence on third parties for the management of your risk exposure
  • Tools for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of individual risk management controls, accounting for the different types of impacts that can be faced, and any cascading risks

Powerful risk analysis tools

  • Tools for evaluating the capital that should be allocated to cover potential financial losses at a required level of confidence
  • Tools to reflect the interactions between risks at any level of complexity, and to show the resultant influence, importance and cost-effectiveness of any specific risk treatment
  • The most powerful risk modelling tools available that can be applied to key corporate spreadsheet models and project schedules, taking information from Pelican’s risk register and feeding back results into Pelican, eliminating the need to track whether risk analysis results are using the most up-to-date information
  • A library to store key risk-based information, like uncertain sales forecasts or exchange rates, estimated risk impacts and times, and the only ERM software with a control system that ensures all risk modeling within the system are consistent and can be aggregated and compared correctly
  • A software solution that is completely scalable to the size of your enterprise

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Implementation and monitoring of risk management strategy

  • Individual profile pages displaying risk management tasks that need to be completed
  • Overview of owners of risks, their management components and consequences showing how much reliance is placed on key individuals
  • Smartphone app to download a risk treatment task schedule, report completion of those tasks, report the occurrence of a risk event, or to flag a potential new risk issue

Auditing and reporting features

  • A complete log and recorded history
  • Customizable online and published reporting
  • Ability to drill down and search for any risk, review the status of any risk treatment action, review the performance of any actor
  • Risk management tools to achieve compliance with all current regulatory standards including ISO 31000, COSO ERM framework, BS 31100, OCEG Red Book, and FERMA


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