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The Pelican Enterprise Risk Management system

Pelican is the World’s only enterprise risk management system to focus on strategic risk. Pelican allows a business to produce a comprehensive and consistent understanding of all the risks it faces and find those risks that threaten its strategic goals.

Pelican is the only ERM product that can do this because it is the only risk management tool that is entirely quantitative. This means that with pelican you can combine all the threats to your organisation and truly understand the risks that matter.

Pelican also provides a full set of features for understanding and managing all types of risk in one platform: operational, project, cyber-security, health and safety, investment and cashflow risk.

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What makes Pelican special?

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Pelican brochures

To fully understand the power of our enterprise risk management system, we advise you to download the brochures. Both the executive and technical brochure will explain Pelican in more detail.

Enterprise risk management software

The Pelican advantage

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Pelican allows a business to focus on the risks that are truly important, and to assign responsibility of specific risk management activities to individuals.

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Pelican provides the facilities to ensure that anyone in the company can contribute to risk management, being able to demonstrate the level of risk the business faces.

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The Pelican enterprise risk management software ensures that risks are evaluated in a consistent framework, yet still retains the ability to review risks within the scale of each business unit or project.

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Pelican stores all information, current and past, providing an audit trail of the risk and risk evaluation management processes.

Integrated with risk models and project risk apps

Pelican offers seemless integration with our spreadsheet risk modeling and project risk management tools.

Now you can see all risk information in one centralized, web-based enterprise risk management platform.

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Supporting risk management and analysis tools

ModelRisk Monte Carlo simulation software Excel

ModelRisk Free for desktop - download now

Adding risk and uncertainty to your Excel model

ModelRisk is the world’s most innovative and comprehensive risk analysis add-in for Excel. Use ModelRisk to describe uncertainty in your budget, financial model, sales forecast, or any other area you use Excel for.

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Tamara Free for desktop - download now

Adding risk and uncertainty to your project schedule

Determine how likely your project will finish on time and within budget, or what delivery date and price you can safely commit to. Tamara imports project plans of any size and complexity from Microsoft Project or Primavera.

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Enterprise risk management software

What makes Pelican so powerful?

Over twenty years of risk consulting experience has shown us that the risk register approach to logging and presenting risks simply does not work effectively. We set out to design a system that would be easy to use, require the least effort to maintain, and provide the best possible information an enterprise risk management system can provide.

“In our search for an enterprise risk management software system we evaluated Pelican as the best in the market”

Carmen De Braekeleir
Cofounder Ranxis

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