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Viewing the Monte Carlo results from a simulation run

Go to the MODELS view. Select a Model, then a Version of that Model. This will display the Results view, which is a table listing all the results files for simulation runs that have been completed (and any currently being run) for this Version.

Clicking the hyperlinked time stamp for a particular simulation will make the ResultsViewer open and load the Results file:

The ResultsViewer will show the set of graphs and tables in the format that the model creator designed. New graphs can be added, and others removed if desired, and the results saved locally as a ResultsViewer file, or in PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel format. Any changes will not be saved into the system, only in the files you create. Review the help file of the ResultsViewer for details of the various graphs and tables that can be created, the different formatting option, and how to save the results in different formats.



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