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Starting ModelRisk Cloud

ModelRisk Cloud is accessed via any common commercial Web browser by navigating to the login page:

The address for the login page is determined by the IT department of the company. After log-in, the home page of ModelRisk Cloud will appear, and will look something like this:


You can log out of ModelRisk Cloud by clicking the button. The PROFILE view allows you to change your name, email address (used by the system if you forget your password), or password.

There will be some extra items in the main menu from the view above if you have been assigned an administrator role.

The MODELS view lists all the Models that have been uploaded to the system that the User can access, split into different Groups that the User is a Member of. The selected Group can be changed from the dropdown list at top left.

The SIDS view lists all the SIDs that have been uploaded to the system and that can be used by the uploaded models. A SID or simulation imported data file contains simulation data from forecast variables that may be used in one of more models. SID files are constructed in a special format that ensures that when they are used in multiple models, the simulations from each model will precisely coincide. SIDs have the advantage of ensuring that all models use the same set of official uncertain forecasts, and also allow model results to be further manipulated (for example, aggregating financial forecasts for different regions or products into one summary forecast).



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