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ModelRisk Cloud introduction

ModelRisk Cloud is an online storage system for risk analysis models written in Excel/ModelRisk offering the following benefits:

  • Keep critical business risk analysis models in a secure location

  • Ensure that everyone is using the latest update of a model

  • Limit access to models and their results to authorized people

  • Make the same model results available to any authorized person

  • Ensure that the models are using the latest available data by connecting the model to databases and schedule automated reruns of the model

  • Maintain a log of different model versions and their results, creating an audit trail

  • Control any edits to the model

  • Ensure that models are only uploaded by authorized risk analysts


ModelRisk Cloud organizes model files according to the following descending hierarchy:

  1. Group – a central topic, for example finance or engineering, or perhaps a region

  2. Model – a risk analysis Model built in Excel/ModelRisk that is of interest to the Group

  3. Version – a Version of the Model, meaning a copy of the Model in which some parameter values may differ, to represent different scenarios or decision options

  4. Results – the stored, time-stamped file containing the outputs from a Monte Carlo simulation run of the Version

ModelRisk Cloud poses no restrictions on the number of elements in any level.



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