Request an online or onsite presentation

Request an online or onsite presentation

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Dear Prospective Client

Thank you for your interest in our risk analysis software. The purpose of this form is to ensure that we can provide you with a demonstration that will be of greatest possible value in determining whether our software and support services will meet your needs.

Vose Software specializes in quantitative risk analysis (QRA) software, i.e. software that helps you describe risk and uncertainty with numbers, which is a critical ingredient in the efficient and rational management of risk.

I am proud to say that all of the risk analysis software products our company has developed are real market leaders, combining ease of use and genuine risk management value with innovative ideas and the latest technology. This means that even if you are experienced QRA practitioners there will very likely be a number of features and ideas in our software that will be new to you.

Before you fill in this form, please review the basic product information on each software product, and check out the Resources page for short introductory videos. This will help you determine which products you would like us to demonstrate and the remaining questions you may have.

Once we have received your information, we will put together a demonstration that is focused on your areas of interest and try to use some examples from your industry to help you better understand how our software can benefit your organization. From there, we can work together on a detailed scope, budget and schedule.

Kind regards

David Vose


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We can offer a presentation either online, at our offices in Ghent, Belgium or at your office. We record the online presentations, upload them to our server and provide you with a link and log-in so that you can review the presentation with colleagues. Online presentations, and presentations at our office, are free-of-charge. For presentations at your office, we ask that you share equally in any travel and accommodation costs.




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