academic program

Installing Tamara at an academic institute

Tamara can be installed on the computing network of an academic institute for free. For the first year only we do however charge an administrative installation fee of €300. Licenses are renewed annually subject to the institute’s adherence to Vose Software’s academic terms and conditions. To organize this installation, a member of the institute’s IT department should complete and submit the following form.

Addendum 1 / Professors: If a professor wants to have a copy of Tamara Complete on their computer, they can purchase a Tamara Complete license at 50% of the retail price if the license is intended for academic purposes. Send an email to academic@vosesoftware.com using your academic email address.

Addendum 2 / Students: If students need to have a copy of Tamara on their computer they can always download the free version (Basic) and unlock the Complete version for 15 days whenever they wish. If they need the Complete version for a longer time, they can purchase a 1 year copy at €75 by contacting us at academic@vosesoftware.com with their academic email address including a copy of their current student card.


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