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What is ModelRisk Cloud?

ModelRisk Cloud is a Web-based environment for sharing ModelRisk models. Models can run automatically according to a schedule, using the latest available data. Authorized users can create and store different scenarios from a model, and store and view the simulation results without interfering with the model itself.

Why use ModelRisk Cloud?

Managers must make decisions based on model results, without much assurance about the quality of the model. Spreadsheet models often contain errors. Spreadsheet risk analysis models are even more error-prone. Different, unaudited and conflicting versions of the same model may be used by different people, and the model may not use the latest or best available data. ModelRisk Cloud gives managers the much needed assurance that the results they rely on come from a quality-controlled model using the latest data, and auditors can trace back and reproduce those results.

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ModelRisk Cloud key features

In the same way that Excel is used for many different types of analysis, ModelRisk is used to assess the uncertainty in the numbers produced by the Excel model. Users have performed risks analyses with ModelRisk in a vast range of fields, to give answers to a huge range of questions, so summarizing what it can be used for is a difficult task, but here are the most common applications we have seen:

  • An audit trail is created for each uploaded model and the different model versions that were made
  • Simulation results files are stored alongside the models
  • Access rights ensure that only competent risk modelers can upload a model after approval
  • A model’s logic cannot be tampered with once it is uploaded to the system
  • • Managers can run a new simulation of a model without the assistance of the modeler
  • Models can be linked to databases and Pelican and even Tamara results files so results based on the most up-to-date information are instantly available
  • Automated runs can be scheduled so that, for example, forecasts based on the latest data are immediately available at the start of every day
  • Models can be configured to show all the assumptions to a manager directly in their browser
  • Managers can create new scenarios by changing selected parameters in a suitably configured model, and then run a simulation and save the results with just a few clicks
  • Simulation results automatically open within our Results Viewer application, allowing managers to create or edit graphs and tables, and save to PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel
  • Old models can be archived together with their scenarios and simulation results

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ModelRisk key features


ModelRisk incorporates virtually every probability distribution used in any field. Whilst you may well only need a few of them, depending on the particular application you need ModelRisk for, you are almost guaranteed to find the ones that are commonly used in your field of work.


ModelRisk is offered in a variety of licensing options. It can be installed across a network with a limited number of seats, offering a cost-effective solution when you have many occasional users. It can be installed on a single computer too. ModelRisk licenses are also available for different durations, and a two-week demo license is available free-of-charge if you are unfamiliar with the product.

Advanced tools

ModelRisk offers a wide range of unique tools designed to help simplify model building. These tools can reduce a model to just a few cells, where a simple product would require perhaps thousands of cells to do the same calculation. This has the added benefit of making the models run thousands of times faster too! Examples are aggregate tools (determining the total of a random number of random variables), extreme value tools (what could be the largest value observed).

Model checking

Select a cell with a ModelRisk function, click the View Function icon, and ModelRisk will immediately open a visual display of precisely what that function is doing. Click on a help icon and the help file opens explaining the function in detail, navigating to one of over a 1000 subjects within the help file. Input an invalid value in a ModelRisk function and the function returns an explanation of the error. You can also use all of Excel’s auditing tools with ModelRisk functions.

Highlight feature: Reporting

ModelRisk Cloud offers a unique method for displaying and sharing the results of your risk analysis. Once a simulation run is complete, a separate application called the Results Viewer opens. This application shows lists the different random inputs and outputs of the model, and the different simulations that have been run (one typically runs multiple simulations to compare different possible options).

This application shows lists the different random inputs and outputs of the model, and the different simulations that have been run (one typically runs multiple simulations to compare different possible options).

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