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Risk Modeller of the Year 2023 Competition

First prize €1,000


ModelRisk is used to solve an extremely diverse range of risk-based decision problems across almost every industry and business function. Learning how ModelRisk is used in different ways by our customers has always been a key guide for us to build and improve its functionality to better help our ModelRisk user base. For our customers, reading stories of how others have used ModelRisk to solve their problems is a great source of inspiration for expanding and refining their risk analyses. We want to encourage risk modellers to share their stories with others in the community, and to that end we are running a Risk Modeller of the Year competition. Aside from the great prizes, having a case study featured on the Vose Software web site provides you with a great opportunity to showcase your professional achievements as a risk analyst. Each featured article has its own unique web address that you can link from your LinkedIn account. We will also provide a link to your organisation or LinkedIn profile if requested.

The prizes

  • 1st prize: €1,000!
  • 2nd and 3rd prizes: a Vose Software hoodie
  • Honorary mentions: a Galton Board executive desk toy
  • The best articles will be showcased on vosesoftware.com with a permanent link the author can share
money pile
deep blue hoodie with crap heatmap
galton board picture in front of risk analysis books

How to enter the competition

  1. Write a description of a case where you have used ModelRisk to solve an important problem. The description should be between one and two pages of text. Feel free to add an image or two to make the article more visually appealing. Your article will be the most interesting to our users if you:
    • Describe the challenges you faced (e.g. why the problem needed risk analysis, scope definition, timeframe, access to quality data, presentations of the results)
    • Explain how the analysis helped with decision making
    • Offer some advice
    • Perhaps point out some of the ModelRisk functions you found most useful and why, but the article should focus on the value the risk analysis brought to your organization rather than technical details of functions and formulae.
  2. Add the following text at the end of your submission: “I hereby authorise Vose Software to use the material provided to publish a use case article on their website. I attest that the submitted content does not contain any commercially sensitive information or copyrighted material.”
  3. Email the text to goedele.killemaes@vosesoftware.com before 24 Dec ’23 as a Word or PDF file. Attach any images used as separate files rather than embed them in the document
  4. Let us know how you would like us to identify you and the organisation you work for on our web site should we publish the article, e.g.:
    • R Jones, Apex Software
    • Rowena Jones, director, software company
    • RJ, senior manager, software company, Belgium
    • Rowena J, engineer
  5. If you wish, you can include a photo of yourself and a link to your online profile (LinkedIn, for example)

How we announce the winner

  • The winners will be selected in the last week of 2023
  • Vose Software will announce the winners in its January 2024 newsletter. We may also make an announcement on vosesoftware.com and the Vose Software LinkedIn feed
  • A notification will also be sent to the winners using the email address used in their submission


  • Participant must be a current or former registered user of ModelRisk
  • Participant may not be a current or former employees of Vose Software