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Dear Prospective Client

Thank you for deciding to contact our sales staff. Before you fill in the form to the right, allow me to explain a couple of things about our approach to selling our software and services.

  • We want you to enjoy talking to our sales people. They aren’t pushy, they don’t have a sales target, and they aren’t paid on commission.
  • We think of our sales people as the negotiator between client and company, trying to find a balanced deal that works for everyone. We want you to buy what you need and nothing else. We think you might appreciate us helping you to spend your money effectively – enough to recommend us to others.
  • We have very few sales people. The ratio is about one salesperson to seven developers, quite the reverse of what you will usually encounter. We take the view that if we create great software, it shouldn’t be so hard to sell it.

The purpose of this form is to ensure that a salesperson knows enough about your needs to offer advice on how we might help you, and figure out a price, so please be as detailed as possible.

Kind regards

David Vose


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